26 JUNE 1880, Page 22

Our Scientific Frontier. By W. P. Andrew. (W. H. Allen

and Co.)—Mr. Andrew's views may be expressed by this passage from his preface :—" Let the Afghan Princes and Sirdars be allowed freely to choose the man they would have to rule overthem, and let us then retire, having vindicated our supremacy, and done our best to form a stable and friendly government, retaining permanently only Can- dahar and such portions of the country as might be considered

essentially necessary for defensive purposes, evacuating Cabul, Jellalabad, and other territory, with the Khyber, the portal which should be hermetically sealed by the requisite fortifica-

tions. Then we might say, in the words of the Premier [this was written in March], the gates of India are now in our hands."

Mr. Andrew advocates the taking of an active interest by England in

the " Euphrates Route." In the same volume are bound up pamphlets consisting of letters reprinted from the Times on the " Bolan and

and Khyber Railways," and a lecture by Mr. D. Ross, traffic manager of the Scinde, Punjaub, and Delhi Railway, on " Transport by Rail of Troops, Horses, Guns, and War Material in India."