26 MARCH 1831, Page 14



MONDAY. Orders of Me Day-1. Emigration Bill-Second reading. 2. Sea Apprentices Settlement Bill-Second reading. 3. Liability of Landlords Bill- Further consideration of Report. 4. Privileges (Pecuniary Penalties)-Further consideration of Report. 5. Elections (Ireland) Bill-Second Reading. 6. Frauds on Creditors Bill-Second reading. 7. Suits in Common Law Courts Bill-Second reading. 8. Supply-Report. 9. Supply-Committee. 10. Civil List-Report thereupon. 11. Heritable Infeftments (Scotland) Bill-Further consideration of Report. 12. Malt Distillation (Ireland) Bill-Committee. 13. Corporate Funds Bill-Committee. 14. Roman Catholic Charities Bill-Committee. 15. Ar- bitration Bill-Committee. 16. Church Building Bill-Second reading. 17. Ways and Means - Committee. 18. Printed Cottons Bill-Second reading. 19. Deputy Lieutenants Indemnity (Scotland) Bill - Committee. SO. In- demnity Bill-Second reading. Notices of :Motions-1. Mr. Warbuton - Re- solution, 'flint it is expedient that at all Elections for Members to serve in Parliament the Votes be taken by way of Ballot. 2. Mr. Williams Wynn-Post- poned Vote, Volunteer Corps. (In Committee of Supply.) 3. Mr. Tennyson- Ordnance Estimates. (In Committee of Supply.) 4. Mr. Spring Rice-Civil Contingencies. (In Committee of Supply.) 5. Sir James Graham-Navy Esti- mates. (In Committee of Supply.) 6. Mr. Hume-To discharge attendance of Evesham Witnesses. 7. Lord Viscount Althorp-Bill for Consolidation of the Stamp Duties. 8. Mr. Stanley-Bill to regulate Assessments for local purposes in Dublin. TUssDAY. Notices of Motions-1. Mr. Powell Buxton-Colonial Slavery. 2. Mr. Wr4e-Motion for the better employment of the labouring classes in Ireland. Orders of Me Day-1. Money Payment Acts Repeal Bill-Further consideration of Report. 2. Money Payment of Waves Bill-Further consideration of Report. Wanxzs DAV. Orders of Me Day-1. Statute of Frauds Amendment B111-Second reading. 2. Attestation of Instruments Bill-Second reading.