26 MARCH 1831, Page 14

THE KING AND HIS CoriRT.-The King and Queen reached town

a few minutes before two on Tuesday afternoon. it was meant that they should visit the Italian Opera in the evening, and every possible prepara- tion had been made for their reception ; but intelligence having reached England, in the morning of that day, of the death of Captain Erskine

Kennedy, who was married to one of the Misses Fitzelarence, his Majesty, in kindly consideration towards the brothers and sisters of the widowed lady, gave up his intention. On Wednesday his Majesty held a Levee, at which the following presentations took place.

Lieut.-Col. Fox, on being appointed Equerry to his Majesty, by Lord Albemarle.

Lord Fr.kine, his Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary and :Minster Plenipotentiary to the King of Bova, ia, on his arrival in England.

Lieut.-Gen. the lion. A. Dull; by Marshal Lord Berestitril.

Sir M. 31 axtrell, on his anointment of Liettc-Goy. of Prime Edward's Isla rid, by Lord. Godertelt. Sir G. Bantplehle, Bart. by Sir 11. Vir ion, on being

appointed Col. of the North Devon Militia. Earl of Balcarras, by the Earl of Ilardwicke. Sir J. Hall, by Sir L. Moeller.

Lord J. Fitzroy, by Lord Chturicarde.

lion. W. R. Croy, by the Earl of SI:coif-ord. Capt. Sir G. SeYinour, on being created in Knight

Commander of the Royal Goelphie Order. Arum Sir Wm. llargood; K.C.B. on his being cre- ated a Knight Grand Cross ot' the Guelphie Order, by Sir IL Taylor. 'fey. J. Delalield, by the Earl of Limerick.

Earl .lermyn, on his marriage, by Mar. or Bristol. Maj.-Gen. Sir II. Wheatley. on being appointed it I, Mgt t Clonnitintler of the G nelphit. Order. Col. A. Caldwell, C.R. by Sir T. Lieu[: Gen. Sir II. Vivian, on being created in C rand Cross of the lineal Hanoverian Order of (it ad ph.

Sir It , lodrell, i.e the Earl of Albemarle. Llbt..-tien. Sir II. Montresor, K.C.B. and G.C.H. by Gen. Loot I lowden, (Lt.: Maul N.C.

Col. F01,11.11, 1,0 his ;appointment to the earnmand ot. et.. :l rol!ery in the South-West District, by

Lieut.-Gen. Sir .1. Nempt.

Lieut.-Col. Holt her, on his promotion, by Cul. SV-uoaltltrd.

Dr. Black, by Earl Amherst.

)11d • Hodges, by the Furl of Romney. Col. Ni.bol, malt Itegt. by Ctn. Sir J. Kenopt. Sir II. Palliver, Burt. by the Earl of Beauchamp. Col. !lay, C.11. on his promotion, and to the com- mand nd the Iliac, Ity Lord Bill. Nutt, IT NIT -Gen. Sir .1.Alttleolni.

Om., on pi ...lotion, by Sir Kempf. Lii•nt: Col, 1.111to. tl. by Mr. II. Corteis, M1'. Cm. Si ttlIon, 11.3.1..r. Sir E. I Itunitton, Bart. Treinialleere, am being promoted to the

Chatham Dit isitat of lot NI.trines.

Gel. fireo-oecclI, C.B. on is appointment to tine

mild. of the garrison of c 11:1111.11, by 1.d. 11 Md. II. Webster, by Col. Isilieltirence. 31,11. Falls, lx.trd Regt. uu Iris 10.011011011, by Gen.

1.vril I till.

Limit:nth 3frg:al. ty the 31:•.n leis of Mite. Litott..Col. Spiuix, hr Lieut.-Gem. Sir W. N.Grant. Com. I. case,. 1.y the It it;Iti I Ion. C. Griot. Colo A.11. Skinner, Lr Gen. Sir G. Nugent. CoI. Towitshettd, hr Vis.Syllner.

('ale. Saw by NItt].-Cell. Fisher.

Capt, isentviek, mi his return from Gibraltar, by sit :S. Bryce.

31r. Stanley, IT the Furl of 13ellast. 31r. E. 11. Cole, on his marriage, by the lion. Col. D.

Mn. C. I'. Bose, by Sir G. I I. Rose. Rear-Adm. Clanger, got hi:: promotion and return from the C. ntinent. by Sir Thomas hardy. Mr. Philipps, by Sir It. Ii. Philipps.

Mr. Lotedleint. Secretary of Lunatics to the Lord Chuncellor, by the Luid Chancellor.

Mr. Morritt, by Colonel Fitzelarenee. Lieut. F. Knox, by Sir fl. CompbelL Mr. Turnbull, by Sir T. Ilislop.

Capt. lh Johnstone' by Mr. J. recta:II. )Ir. Des Voeox, on his return from his Majesty's

Embassy at Constantinople, by Ld. Paltnerston.

Lieut.-Col. Lord Ilrudenell, on his promotion, by

1.ord flit!.

Coto. Galltvey, on his appointment to the Ordinary at Chatliont, by Sir J. Graham, Bart. Com..1. S. Horn, by the Hon. Sir R. Stopford, Sir J. II. I:nglisli, by Gcu. Sir II. Douglas.

Ilion. Guist:It1u IImnli1non, by Lord Clive.

Sir U. Harlow, ht. Earl Nelson.

Rey. C. P. R. Pollen, by Sir .1. Pollen. Bey. F. J. Bloody, Chaplatin to the Mayor of Beading, by Idled Melbourne.

Bey. 'II noon How, by the Earl of Bandon.

Liens. W. II. Nlolvneux, R.N. by Earl Amherst. Lieut. II. Grano , by Om Earl of Roslyn. 31r. E. Vine, by Lord Nlel-botnne. Mr..Irden, Cy the 31arquis or Cleveland.

L.I. Wt NI.p. by 11111 1.10d tImucellor.

S1 r. Foster, by C, oomi.si, titer VssIter.

Mr. Item y ells, IT Sir P. Sydney.

NIL J. W. Bitch, IT Sir C. 11.ltose.

111111. II. Briot, by L'ul. Woodford.

Lieut. Paterson, on his return front foreig,n ser- vice, by Lord Fitzroy Somerset.

Mr. J. Lt-e,tn, to I-tr.-rot ht, w,.rk on the Call, by

the Doke crtlorttott.

Capt. II. S. V. Rote, by Sir (LBW,.

1.1111t.1•Itt sly!, hr Earl (lour,

'apt. Slam, tot his return from India, by Sir J. May. Capt. Lyon, by Colonel Freemantle. Mr..lobn Smith, by the I.ord Chancellor.

Mr..1. by the Lord Chanollor.

31r. ('Sans,- Pa-sell, by Vitt. 31elltourne. Lieut. I la ig, on lit, mtUrittge, by Sir II. King. 51 r. C. E. I.:Miter, 31.1'. by Lord Melbourne,

3Ir. Thrttektotrion, by Lord [Indoor. Capt. NV ill imnson. by Colonel Greenwell. Capt. Smyth Windham, by Col. Eitzelarence. Ilon. Mr. Butler, by his hatter, Lord Dunboync.

Lieut. W. Kelly, R.N. by Sir J. Graham. Mr. R. II. \'y-t.„ on being appointed Comet in tiroRoyal Horse Guards.

.Sir. jon es, ALP. IT Sir John Mien. Capt. Iti..1,,t1...111. 10. Sir II. Blackwood.

31r. Voley Whom, being tippointed Secretary of Legation is so it/mlatol, Lv 1.d. Palmerston.

Capt. C. Smith, by Adm. Sir W. Ilargood. Capt. "espy, by NI ..1 rhatlinot. Copt. TIMM,, hr Iltri.-Cen. Sir A. Bryce. Lieut. Itou.r, by sir 'I'. Hardly.

Lieut. Sit..., ma, IT the Earl of l'ots*n. Cot. Sham. by l'iltat• Leopold. Lieut. Thin I...I, by the NItm lois of Salisbury. Lim.. Levin act e, by Lord Foley.

(or. on his appoiutment, by the Slur. of Soli-b111y Limit. It:n9 ..ti being appointed to his


jesty's.hlp St. V inevot. Lion: Book,', II.N. oil being appointed to Lis Ma- jesty's ship Bel, alert, by Adm. Sir 11. Neale. Ens. Norris, by Gen. sir Ii'. Pringle. An Address from the county of Ilertftrtl, by tiro Ithtlt Sheriff.

Lieutenant George Mtuining, R.N. by- the lion. Baron Dimsdale.

The Queen visited St. James's Church on Wednesday, in order to hear the weekly lecture. 'The two Churchwardens were on the alert on the occasion, and to stimulate their vigilance, no fewer than three reverend gentlemen were joined to them. Every eye was turned to- wards the point whence the royal equipage was expected. At this in- teresting moment of tiptoe expectation, a plain-dressed lady, leaning on the arm of a gentleman, and followed by two ladies, advanced oat foot-who could they be ? Had the lady a seat in the middle aisle ? asked-not the Churchwardens, not the reverend aid-wardens, for their eyes were raised at an angle too high to see walkers-but the beadle. The lady nodded assent ; advanced into the church ; a buzz went round among the better-informed ; it was the Queen ! The Churchwardens then bustled up, somewhat after the fashion of Lord Brougham's mace-bearer when his Lordship is entering the House on a crowded night, blushing at their lack of attention, which none esteemed so lightly as the person whom it was meant to honour, and humbly be- sought her Majesty to adjourn to the Bishop's pew : but her Majesty, probably thinkingithat travelling up and down the house of God, though it might suit a churchwarden's ideas of Queen-like dignity, was not exactly befitting the simplicity of an humble Christian, in which cha- racter she then appeared, sat down where she was. The gentleman, on whose arm she leaned, was Lord Howe.

On Thursday, her Majesty held her third Drawing-room. The regu- lations were similar to those of the two former drawing-rooms. We did not hear whether Lord Brougham charged the Horse Guards on the occasion, or whether he drove round by Constitution Hill-the good old select path which he and his colleagues, if we may believe Lord London.. derry and Sir Charles Wetherell, are about to throw open to all the hack ney.coaches in the kingdom, and which will soon, in consequence, be so full of ruts, that neither King nor Peer will be able to drive over it without hazard of a tumble. The following were the presentations on Thursday.

Lady Ilalkett, by Lady Nugent.

1;Y:,:;=41::',12: Mrs. Henry


Mrs. W. Canning., by Tally Mary-borough.

31 is Trotter, by 311:i. William Stuart. Miss Curtis, by body Elimbeth Palk. General the Hon. Alexander Doff, by the Lord Chamberlain.

Miss Ilmoilhead, by Mrs. P.roadhend.

31iys Stanley, by Countess Stanhope. NIL. Sabine Curti,, by Lady Elizabeth Palk. Lady C. Pertie, by the Countess of Abingdon. 31 iss Charlotte Ilvontlitrud. La Mrs. Broadhead.

Miss Fanny Corr, by .Sirs. Carr. Mr. Sergeant Araben, by the Lord Chancellor. Mrs. Collett. by Lode Philipps, Mrs. looms Lind say:by the Countess of Italenrras. Nits. Broadhead, by the Lady in Waiting. 31m. Robert Grant, by the )larch. of linstlowne. Colonel Gore Lanzton, by the Earl of Shaticslotry.

31r. Lott-dhow, Secretary- of Lunatics to the Lord

Chancellor, by the bird Chancellor.

Mrs. Beadon, by Ludy 51:m-borough.

Mrs. 3Iorritt, bi 31ra. Fit-clarence.

Miss Martin Trotter, by Mrs. William Stuart. Miss Pole. by Lady de Ihmstanyille. Count A. Mitrel do Chrunpemont, by the Eon of Boma:imp. lion. Lady Smith, by Lady Selsey. Mrs. Robert 3Tangles, by Ludy Freemantle. Miss Anne Gray, by Mrs. Gray. Mrs. Parnther, by the Marchioness Wellesley. Miss Trollope, by Cotantetis Hew,. Hon. Mrs. W. B. Grey, by Lady John Thynne. Dr. Black, by Earl Amherst. Hon. Miss Stanley, by the Hen. Mrs. Stanley. Mrs. Master, by Lady John Thynne. Hon. William B. Grey, by the Eurl of Stamford. Indy Wheatley, by Countess Howe.

The-Countess of Abingdon, by the Lord Cbanw berlain to the Queen.

Lady Laurie, by the Conine:is of Errol. Mairptis of Cleieland, by Earl Grey. Lady C. Marsham, by the Connie,. of Denbigh. Sir M ill tam Gomm, by Lord Hill.

Lady Farquhar. by Lady Charlotte Bury. The-31areh. of Winchester, by the Lord Clamber- lion to the Queen.

Lady Southampton, be the Countess of Errol. Mr.Blandy. Nlayor of Reading, hyVis.3Ielbourne. Lady Garyttgli, by lady Itendlesham.

Hun. Sirs. Cat loin, by Lode Seymour. Sir John Hooker English, by I.'ord .1. O'Brren. Lady Flearmr Baltioir,bv the Countess of 'Chinni]. SI r..311111C, te11,11y. by the Ierd Chancellor. Sir Thomas Usher, on bong created a Knight Commander of the Royal Guelphic Order. Lady Gibber, by the Countess of Beauchamp. Mrs: Walter .tones, by Lady Blackwood. Sirs. Stuart, by the Marchioness of Westmeath. Miss C. C. Langton, by the March. of Lansdowne. Mrs. Clement Archer, by the March. of Bristol. Lady Swinbtone, by Ludy Gordon. Nis; Jones, by 13 er mother, Mrs. Waller Jones. Lady Amelia Pelham, by the Dow. Countess Chichester.

Lady Starr 3Iarsham, by the Countess ofDenbigh. Mrs, Colonel Howard, by the Duchess of North.. umberlatid.

Miss Archer, by the Marchioness of Bristol. lion. Miss C. 3fontagu, by the Countess Howe. Bins C. Jones, by her mother, Mrs. Walter Jones., Lady F. Marslodo, by the Countess of Denbigh. Mr. Stevens, Alderman of Reading, by 'Wis. Mel.


Mrs. Charles Mills, by the T.ndy I. WernySS. Miss Pringle, by Lady Pringle. We. F. F. Blandv,Chaplain to the Mayor of Read- ing, by Vis. Melbourne. Miss El. Jones, by her mother, :Mrs. W. Jones. lion. Sir.. Ellison, by tire Mara. of Sali:b ury. Mrs. J. Smith, by the Countess of Stanhope. lion. Lady l'on4onby, by Lady O. Hondas. Mr,. 31 oady, by Lally Boron. Mrs. out. by Lady Philipps.

I ion. 31i... Chet wytal, by the Mara. of Ely. 'Mrs. lira iron, by body Hamilton.

Moor Faue, 911E licit. by the Earl of WeAntoreland.

:Miss Ponsonby, by Laity C. pandas. Lody A rit rubus, by the Countess of II:Iv/a/eke. Lady Owen, by the Collate, of Limerick. Lade 11.•tli y bore, on her marriage, by Lady c: Barry.

Hon. Lan,lon, by her sister, the Countess of Ibmbi,lt.

Pies. Craerott, In Mrs. Battu-di. 1.u-.lc Pr. In the I Ion. Lady King. Mrs.. Stanley, by C.etittes: Stanhope. /dr, T. Chaplin, Lc La ly \Variant°, Lady l.. Pole, by tit, (',mites, of Litourkk,

I Se.•ti, to. Lady Moiti•azit.

Lady Prioclit, in- the Coolness of Wieklow.

Loh t!..1. Per• In the Limarick.

Pott-oalit ,I; Lilly 11.n. Si;.. tht—n't, by Luck dr lbsn

-.51:0.-1;,11. Sir II. WhvatIcv, ou bein_ crealsa. a L'omintruler M the. Nord. Guelphic Oeter.

Airs. G. I Jutatoti. Ls' the Mord,. of Lansdowne. 1%". /imp., In Sir II. Mork wood.

Lord Erskine. Ms Nlidesty',i Elie, Extraordinary and 1Liti-ter Plcnipuittot jay to the vin;;of tlie Lord Chamberlain to theQueen. Don. Al iss E. Mo100,11, I, the Countess Moose. Sir P. Laurie, by the Duke of Sasses. Lady C. by the Countess of Limerick. Lady Conon, by Cwina,s, Bathurst.

NI, G. Langton, Coldstremit Gourds, by the Earl of Shaftesbury. Lady countess Howe. NIrs./.1". Stuart, by Lady de Doustanville. AIrs..1. Alexander. by the t %mute, of Caleaon.

lie lie, by the Iba,, Mrs. Paget. Mrs. If. Payly, by the County:: of Errol. Nis: II. h. Ty me. In -Mrs. li. 'rya°. Mrs. C. Monty, by Lade Briton.

Miss Louisa E. Ly Mr-. C. N. 'Fynto Nliss Stanley, by CunoteJs Stanhope.

Miss iliirtjet by Lady Gorr:tell. yiss Catlicritte Stanley, by Cot:mesa Stanhope. Mrs..1,1.ford Sandfott.1, br Lady Scisev. Mrs. It: I1, Stanhope. liy Lade Sotalettliaton. Lady NI. Pella.", by the Dow. Contr. Chichester. Lady A. Nliltionk. by the Nlarcli. of iii ichester. Lady ti. Iternord, by her neither,.the Countess of B: eIs Ill. Collates- StJultore, by the Unreb. Of We,tmeatli. Mrs. I!ssholl, I.y Laity Constable. Conn,— of Tircoutiel, 1.V II, 1)0M.:1,1. Of I.101, Sophia )1:1,11,1111, by the Count. of Denbigh. Lode de Dan-moville, by Cottra, Itaiiiitist. Earl of I, shill, out his beitut oppoattril Lutat of the Bra. lintsbor to In, Alnioniv.

Indy Slaty Stanley, lir the iif Eormaas

Countes, Bolcarris, In Ilse Count. I lard, wke. Count-. of BandiP11. br 1111, Dot. Lady linty: Muir. Ladv A. Vane. be the March. "r 'Winchester.

Ltiii!j• nil CoMpliell, by Lath! C. Batty. Mr.-Satouel 011 Lchusi :tppoiliteil Gentle- noun Harbinger to his Nlaiestv, by Lord Coley.

li kyount Bernard, by the Earl of Pt:laden. Mrs. Corr, by the NI.irellittness Wellesley.

Mrs. Richard Beadon, by Lady J. Thynne.

Earl of Tyrconnel, by Earl Howe. Mrs. Gray, by Sirs. Carr.

bliss Smith, by the Countess of Stanhope. Mrs. Clements, by the Dow. Ditch. of Richmond. Earl of Bandon, by the Earl of linden.

Mrs. Howard Vese, by Lady Gore. Miss Caton, by NI:midi/nese Wellesley. Nils!: Laura NItindv, by Lady Byron.

Earl of Bab:arras; by the Earl of tiarthricke. Aiiss SITITIbUrile, by her mother, Lady Swinburne.

Silos 3forritt, by Mrs. Fitzelarenee. bles. John Bastard, by Lady Role.

Miss Montagu, by the Duchess of :Montrose.

Miss Bruce, by her mother, Mrs. J. Alexander. Miss Carr, by Mrs. Carr. Lady V. G. Osborne, by the Dowager Countess of Chichester.

Miss Gray, by Mrs. Gray. Miss Julia Campbell, by Lady C. Bury. Viscountess Chetwynd, by the March. of Ely.

Miss Bentham, by Liolv Taylor. Mr. Arden, by the :Marquis of Cleveland. Mr. Milbank: by the 31 ova.: of Cleveland. Mr. J. Talbot, by Sir II.'faylor. Mr. IVilbrahatti, M.P. be the Eatl of Albemarle. Mr. Mundy, by Lord Byron. Mr. I.. Campbell, by Sir G. Murray. Mr..1. Ii. 3fonek, by the Lora Chancellor. Hew-Admiral Th.ni.,,n, by Sir It. Otway. Lieitt..t ;en, Collie, by Admiral Sir N. W. Otway. 31Mor-Gen. St. George, by Lord Hill. Sir. II. Culfii•i,. .11.1..11V rile 1)111, of Richmond. Earl 1: ionoul, by the Earl of Albemarle. Major-Gen. Sir J.:Sidi:01m, un his return from hacne Cookson, by Lieut.-General Sir W.

Lieut.-Ili, Boller, by the lord in Waiting. :en. Sir W. Anson, by l'iscount Anson. General Sir I. Eraser, by Lord Salaam. Maj.-Gra. Books., by his II. Taylor. Maj.-Gen. Sir It. by Lord Hill.

31r. Ile.t.lon, by Lord J. Tit,na,

Mr. E. C010, on ilk lir

Cant. Prescott, R.N. by Lord Byron. Copt. Richards .0, C.B. 12.N. by Vice-Admiral the thin. his II.

Ste. R. Shuttle,, by the Right lion. Sir W. Fr cc-


C0111111allilIT C. English, by 31aj.-Gon. Sir


Mr. H. V,rot hi- atvintment as Cornet in tad


Lady 11.5;1... Ly rp• !Ion. Mrs. B. Paget. t's Counsel, Int the Turd Chan,

Mrs, G. Pot -oil,. In Lath. I. Wtailyss. Mr I loblee .rt 11. by Col. Wood.

Mts. Pi: sgee ild,- her mother, Mrs. Fitzgerald.

Mr-. W. Mitlittrl,•,..15 her marriage, by the Duch. of Nort Imutherland.

Miss A. I lothimi, by her mother, the Itun. Mrs.


Sir G. Ilt.c.

Miss F. Hothittn, by ditto.

Miss Ni. liovitt, by Mts. Boyle. Col, Salter,' In Maj.-Gun. Ittsike.

Mr. by the Lord Chancellor.

The C011111e.s of Kinuoul, by the Duchess Dow.

of Lced,

Cant. H. Do, le, liy Gen. Sir C. Doyle,

Cain. H _lobo-mite. by Sir .1. Pecliell. Roar-Adot. r.. Dottie, by Sir .1. Graham.

Capt. Sir T. Timilirid,o, by Sir .1. Graham. :Bins S. Dovle, lw Laity

Lieut. hy the Earl of Rossiya. 1,:eut. Cps.. by Me Earl of Rossiya. Lieut. t'. II. Jay, Lr Sir J. (!ritition. Rear-Adm. I loll. in Sir 1. Graham,

Comet Hank,. die E trl of Itosslyn. Capt. Brice. It.N. by he A. Bullard. Capt. Fen, iet„ In NI. Gem Sir A. Bryce. (`.opt.Vei- , Go• Earl ..11!osslyn. Com. P. Grab mi. by Sir .1. Grattan.

Copt. Clic-Is n, le. Earl Ilintc.

(*apt. 1..1. 11illurt are by the/1,1.r mosipi. retnnvo.sl, by Mt; Bari of Ito,dva. by Sir Herbert Tat lor."

1.•Ill.-l'ol. Ili:esker, by the. Lotal in II-aging. I Pellow, by Lady Warburton. Maj. Nan. In 11.0...t..'n bir.l. 11alcolot. Coin. Eraser, Its dot Et I lon.Cletrles G. ant. Uton.ifinnnrock, sm It', ninwinnuent to his 31a- je.ty's ship Grcstes, by sir Thomas Hardy, Nl•ti. Hartley. lov Mc Earl

hit' Sir J. Kempf.

Col. El. Ins appoinlment to the command unite Artillery in Sue South-west District, by Sir .1. Kempt. 31,,rgan, by the Lord in Waiting.

Hon. Mr,. Handl:on, br lady A. Milbank.

!Acct.-t',.1. C.lentent,, bY VS. Beresford. Col. "fown.end, by yin. SsIncy. Col. Arnold, A.D.C. to the King, by Lieut.-Gen. Sir Ilerburt Taylor.

Ehvotral, by Mr. Carteis, 3LP.

Lieut. Col. l l,sn. II. Hondas, by Earl Howe. Col. Clciland, by Maj.-Gen. lb■oke.

Lieut. Weekcs, by lien. the Earl of ROSSI1'11. lion. Mrs. 51. CaMpbell, by the Count. of Candor. Col. Hay, C.B. on his promotion, and to the 'com- mand of t Queen's Bars, by Lord Hill. Lieut.-Col. S. Dales, by Lieut.:Gen. Hodgson. Lieutenant-Colonel Lord Geo. Lennox, by the

Duke of Richmond.

Major Lord W. Paulett, by the )tar. of Winchester.

John William Birch;by Sir .1. Rose. Lieutenant I lope Grant, by the Earl of Rossiya. Mrs. N. Barg Tyne, by Lady Burgoyne. Lieut. Paterson, on return from foreign service, Lord F. Somerset.

Lady Hyde Parker, by Lady Montford.

Lady Hamilton, by the Countess of Wicklow. :Mr. Richard May:int Vy,e, on his appointment as Cornet in 011,1[11, lion. 31 rs. B. Thnow,on. by Lady Glynne. NE's Hamilton, lit Goitre-, Wicklow. thin. Mrs. Dondis, by Lady C. Dwells.