26 MARCH 1831, Page 14

The principal characteristic in the French Government, under its present

Ministry is a determination, at all hazards, to maintain peace at home and abroad if possible. They are not indecisive in their attempts to do so. They have commenced an attack on the press-a legal one indeed, but one which the late Ministry did not dare to make-by seizing several newspaper, acting in con- travention of the regulations ; they have interdicted political placards1; and they boldly avow their intention to put down dis- turbance by whomsoever excited. The report on the motion of M. BAUDE for exiling in perpeittunt the disfranchised Royal Family, has been made ; and it will he re- ceived by the Chambers in its essence,though its form is slightly mo- dified. Marshal SOULT continues to get up at three o'clock in the morning, and the music of his drums is so exquisite that the Anglo-Parisian badauds rouse themselves to listen to them. The new taxes on patents and houses have led to a somewhat curious result. The franchise is regulated in France by direct taxes, and almost all Government taxes are direct ; the present ad- dition to them will confer a qualifieation.on an immense number of persons who were previously without one. Who will say now that liberty and the tax-gatherer are incompatible ?