26 MARCH 1831, Page 14

Warsaw is still in the hands of its gallant defenders

; and so, it would appear, is Praga. Up to the 14th, no serious rencontre had taken place between the hostile parties. The ice on the Vis- tula had begun to break up on the 5th ;. on the 11th, the river was greatly swollen, and had carried away several pontoon bridges. This would delay, for a considerable time, the passage of DIE- BITSCH to the right bank, and perhaps render his position on the left bank untenable ; the ground is exceedingly swampy. There was a report of an insurrection in his rear, but it has not been confirmed. The German rapers express an opinion, that if the Poles can keep their threes together, the Russians will find it difficult to maintain their position, in consequence of the losses they have already sustained. The Emperor has declared his in- tention-not doubting, of course, the success of the Imperial arms-that Poland shall be amalgamated with Russia; and that its independent existence, which is guaranteed by the treaties of 1815, shall cease from the period of the present insurrection being suppressed. We suppose the Powers will let the Emperor do as he likes with his own: