26 MARCH 1831, Page 16

: KEEP me BLINDS • DOWN,—John Shirley, a hawker of lemons

and oranges, was charged ht Union-Hall, on Tuesday, with stealing a'qUan- tity'of plate, the property of Mr. H. English, of Dulwich Common. It appeared that a dinner-party was given 'on the preceding day by Mr. English, and the table having been laid in the parlour which opened into lawn' in front of the house, the priSoner, in sneaking about the neigh_ bourhOOd, observed from the road-side the preparations for the banquet within.' He got over the .pales: and into the parlour, where he gathered the Whole Of the plate; but while in the act of concealing it, one of the spoons happened to drop on the floor. The noise was heard by the but- ler, whose first notice of the robbery was the prisoner scampering across the fields, followed by a policeman. He was fully committed.

VINDICATION OF THE Tnugh.---Captain Angerstein, of the Guards, was charged at Marylebone Office, on Tuesday, with breaking a stick over his grooin's head. The Captain pleaded a justification. It rained fast at the time, and the groom had, notwithstanding; left his great-coat in the gig in the Midst of the showier : the Captain' asked if his•great-coat had been.brought into the house, and the groom declared that it had ; the Captain also asked if the colt's feet, which lie saw were wet, had beers dried, and was answered they had : provoked at this double false- hood, he seized, not a stick, but a bit of rotten wood, and broke it over his shoulders. Mr. Hoskins advised the Captain to make the groom some reasonable compensation for the injury lie had done him. Ile po- sitively refused—he considered in doing so he would be doing- an injus- tice to every gentleman in England, by holding out a bonus to other servants to be -insolent to their masters. He was bound over. The Captain's rule is a good one, but unfortunately its aPplication does not rest with captains only: a strong groom might retaliate, and justify himself on the principle, that if he.submitted to the Captain's arguments without replying in kind, "he would be doing an injustice to every groom in England, by holding out a bonus hi other masters to be tyran- nical to their servants."