26 MARCH 1831, Page 17


Arrived. At Gravesend, March 21st, H. C. Ships Dunira, Wilson ; and William Fairlie, Blair, from China. At Plymouth, March 23rd, Protector, Bragg, from Mau- ritius. At Greenock, March 18th, Johanna, Ili-Kellar, from ditto. Off Penzance, March 24th, Andromache, Lewes, from Bengal. At St. Helena, Feb. 1st, Sophia, Elley, from Singapore. At Bengal, Nov. Ilth, Maitland, Brown, from London. 12th, London, Runny, from Liverpool. 18th, Duke of Bedford, Bowen, from London.

Sailed. From Gravesend, March 19th, Georgians, Thompson, for New South Wales. 20th, Albion. Sutherland, for the Cape ; and Borneo,-Ross, for New South Wales. From Liverpool, March 21st, Ripley, Hesse, for Bengal; and M'Lellan, Higgin, for Batavia. From Clyde, March 23rd, Fortune, Crawford, for Bombay,