26 MARCH 1831, Page 17


Srocx EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Evistraial—The anticipations In which we ven- tured to indulge, in one or two recent reports, have been more than realized this week; Consols having been done this morning at 79 ; and, after returning to 781, they have again recovered, and close at 781. This improvement has, as usual, been assigned to a variety of causes, among which " returning confidence" figures pro- minently. For our own part, however, this "return of confidence" we strongly suspect to be rather a consequence than a cause of the advanced prices ; which must be mainly attributed to ether causes, which have been in operation for a con- siderable time past, more particularly the large sales which were made on specula- tion, and which were persisted in, in the face of a steady demand for Stock on the part of the public. In the jargon of the Market. the rise is chiefly owing to the Bears buying in their accounts, after having carried their speculations for a fall rather too far. We do not, however, deny that the complexion of the week's news is materially better than for some time previously, but our readers may confidently rely on the facts we have stated.

In the Foreign Market, the principal business done has been in Spanish, which has fluctuated rather violently between 16 and 171. Something in the shape of a recognition has at last appeared of the Cortes Bonds; but it has not satisfied the bondholders, for the price has given way to In, after having been 171. Russian, Brazilian, Danish, all have improved with Consols; and some even of the defunct shares have been raising their heads again.

SATURDAY, HALP-PAST TwEttr..—Consols opened this morning at 781, ad- vanced to 79b, and are now in to 79. The fluctuations have been rather violent• and a great deal of business has been done. Money Stock is more abundant, but still scarce enough to command a premium for the loan of it. A failure is reported of an individual out of doors of some name, who is a largeBear of Consols, and has left his brokers to pay.

Bank Stock .,.. — Buenos Ayres... — Spanish.. ..... 15+ 1

3 per Cent. Red. — Chilian ... 20 21 Ditto, New

3 per Cent. Cons. in 9 Colombian ..... 141 15/

3/ per Cent. New 8:4 Danish . — SHARES. Consols for Acct. 781 79 Greek....... — Bolanos

Long Annuities — Mexican ....... 36 37 Brazilian . 56 57 Ex. Bills, 10001. 25 27 Peruvian....... 131 141 Columbian . — India Bonds .... — Portuguese..... 43 45 Anglo Mexican — Brazilian.... .. 58 Russian........ 901 1.1 United Mexican 10 11