26 MARCH 1831, Page 17



Baden Professorship.—The candidates for the Professorship of sneer% hitherto declared, are—G. C. Haughton, Esq. late Professor of Hindu Literature in the Hon.. East India Company's College, near Hertford ; the Rev. Dr. Mill, Principal of Bishop's College, Calcutta ; the Rev. T. Proctor, M.A. (late Fellow of Queen's College), one of the Hon. East India Company's Chaplains at Calcutta, and Exa- miner at Fort-William ; F. J. V, Seddon, Esq.; H. IL Wilson. Esq. Secretary tothe Asiatic Society of Bengal, Sec,


MARCH 25.—At the congregation on Friday, the following degrees were eon. (erred :—Bachelor nL Dicinity—R. Cattermole, Christ's College. Nosier of Arts— A. E. Brydges, Trinity College. Bachelors of Arts—C. Lowndes, Trinity College; J. B. Clyde, St. John's College ; A. Newby, St. John's College (compounder) ;.- J. Cottle, Catherine Hall ; and E. F. Smith, Christ's College. On Monday, R. H. Dolling, of Trinity College, was admitted Bachelor of Arts.