26 MARCH 1853, Page 19


Lndgate Hill, tea-dealers; as far as regards J. Manduell— Manduell and Co. and Sidney and Manduell, Bristol, tea-dealers—Nobles and Hoare, Cornwall Road, colour-manufacturers; as far as re•-• gards B. W. Noble—A. and J. Farnie, Sheffield, drapers—Brereton and Eardley, Man- chester, gilders—Brooke and Co. Huddersfield, woolstaplers—Lee and Co. London, ship-agents—Taylor and Mons, Kirkby Malharndale, cotton-spinners—Wilson and Harrop, Manchester, woollen-merchanta—liutcliffaandCo. Bradford, cotton-spinners

Parr and Lewin, Birmingham, jewellers—The Soho Patent Tube Company, Soho, Birmingham—Brittain and Co. Birmingham, brass-founders—Taylor and Co. Upper Gower Street, booksellers; as far as regards J. Taylor—Derrington and Chadwick, Manchester, patentees for improvement in cocks; as far as regards J. Chadwick— Poole and Steele,Frome Selwood, attornies—J. and J. Dungey, Chatham, tea dealers —Ritchie and Haycraft, Greenwich, timber-merchants—Barry and Murray, Liver- pool, architects—J. and T. Crossley, Bury, Lancashire, joiners—Richardson and Riney, Peterborough, ale-brewers—Eglinton and Son, Glasgow, merchants.

BANiteorrs.—CHARLES LANE, Hastings, plumber, to surrender March 31, April 28: solicitor, Hewitt, Nicholas Lane; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Build- ings—JAMES ROGERSON HUNT, Great Marlow, tailor, March 31, April 28: solicitor, Spicer, Chancery Lane ; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street—ROOM BOND, Mitre Court, Hatton Garden, wine-merchant, April 4, May 5: solicitors, Robinson and Hine, Charter House Square; official assignee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings —James Holman, Wimborne, Dorsetshire, market-gardener, March 30, May 3: so- licitors, Wilde and Co. College Hill ; official assignee, Graham, Coleman Street— THOMAS BALIARD, Southwick Place, Paddington, apothecary. April 1, May 7 : soli- citors, Lawrence and Co. Old Jewry; Randall, Welbeck Street; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—THOMAS THORNE jun. Hastings, plasterer, April 2, May 7: solicitor, Hewitt, Nicholas Lane; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Haney Burr, Mortimer Street, Cavendish Square, linen-draper, April 5, 23: solicitors, Sole and Co. Aldermanbury ; official assignee, Groom, Abchurch Lane —Gaoaoa Aroverus EADES, Portsea, grocer, April 2, May 7 : solicitor, Lawrence, Bread Street ; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Joust HOBBES ROLFE, Faversham, hosier, April 5, May 3 : solicitor. Lawrence, Bread Street ; official as- signee, Groom, Abchurch Lane —RICHARD HENRY Davie, Wellington, Somerset- shire, money-scrivener, March 31, April 27 : solicitors, Rodham, Wellington ; Slog- don, Exeter; official assignee, Hernaman, Exeter. DIVIDENDS.—April 8, Capper, Gravesend, victualler—April 9, Cocq, St. George's Terrace, Islington, merchant—April 9, Bull, Greenwich, innkeeper—April 13, Elliott, Northampton, builder—April 13, Stagg, Croydon, grocer—April 13, Creed, Heine' Hempstead, commission-agent—April 13, Marsh, Church Street, Minories, carpenter —April 13, Castelli, Bury Court, St. Mary Axe, merchant—April 15, Crossfield, Lanwonne, Glamorganshire, coal-miner—April 16, Clarke, Sheffield, builder—April 16, Beckitt, Doncaster, money-scrivener. CERTIFICATES.—To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.—April 8, Cocq, St. George's Terrace, Liverpool Road, Islington, merchant —April 12, Munch, Bead's Wharf, Tooley Street, salesman—April 13, Tall and Min- gay, Wellstead Yard, Bryanston Square, mechanical-tool-manufacturer—April 12, Langdale, Liverpool, lacewan—April 12, Fletcher, Bradford, Yorkshire, draper. SCOTCH SenuesraArtoms.—Cowan and Co. Port Glasgow, tanners, March 28, April 21—Johnston, Edinburgh, taverukeeper, March 24, April 14—Douglas, Glas- gow, carrier, March 25, April 18—Grosset, Chiruside, Berwickshire, joiner, March 28, April 25.

Friday, March 25. PArrrNtasrrirs Dissoix333.—Anquez and Ferry, Great Russell Street, Covent Garden—Atkinson and Eldrid, Regent Street, whip-makers—Duclos and Caron. Nottingham, lace-manufacturers—J. and T. Berry, Sheffield, wine-merchants—Ri- chardson and Spencer, Wellingborough, lace-dealers—Wood and Co. Halifax, cot- ton-warp-makers—F. and J. B. Webber, Taunton, cabinet-makers—Aliwood and Andrews, Whitchurch, linen-drapers—Burnell and Millard, Pimlico, builders— Sampson and Greenbelt, Oxford Street, tailors—Jones and West, King's Road, Chel- sea, linen-drapers—Batho and Bingley, Lombard Street, engravers—Laycock and H essay, Manchester, grocers—Goode and Co. High Street, Southwark, linen-drapers ; as far as regards C. Bay—Wright and Gleeson, Nether Knutsford, Cheshire, sur- geons—Bate and Browne, New Church Street, Lisson Grove, surgeons—Dernelley and Co. Stockport, heald-manufacturers—J. and W. Hall, Saddleworth, paper-manu- facturers—Mason and Co. Gildersome Street, Yorkshire, coal-merchants ; as far as regards J. Halliday and J. Walker—Chapman and Co. Castleford, Yorkshire, glass- bottle-manufacturers; as far as regards J. Ashton—T. and W. Smith, Leeds, build- ers—Mellor and Co. Liverpool, rectifiers; as far as regards T. Mellor—Holmes and Moon, High Holborn, watch-makers—Jenkinson and Whetston, Liverpool, brokers —Munro and Sons, Liverpool, iron-founders—Macnamara and Co. Demerara; as far as regards J. Macnamam jun. BANiterrrs.—IIENItY Burr, Mortimer Street, linen-draper, to surrender, April 5, May 3 : solicitors, Sole and Co. Aldermanbury; official assignee, Groom, Abchurch Lane—MARY ANN DOWNES, Norwich, draper, Aprils, May 5: solicitor, Lawrence, Bread Street; official assignee, Johnson, Basinghall Street—WILLIAM MARTIN, Col- chester, tailor, April 5, May 3: solicitor, Wilson, Gresham Street; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court—DONALD SiNeLAin, Bath Place, Peckham, apothecary, March 30, May 3: solicitors, Lawrence and Flews, Old Jewry Chambers; official as- signee, Graham, Coleman Street—GEORGE RENNET, Duke Street, Westminster, rail- way-contractor, April 16, May 21: solicitors, M'Leod and Stenning, London Street, Fenchurch Street ; official assignee. Cannan, Aldermanbury—HENRY Fisuea, Not- tingham, tailor, April 8, May 6: solicitors, Shilton and Son, Nottingham; official as- signee, Harris, Nottingham—HAwnLer and Co. Brotherton, glass-manufacturers, April 14, May 20: solicitors, Cariss and Cudworth, Leeds ; official assignee, Young, Leeds—ROBERT LIDDELL, Doncaster, saddler, April 9, May 7: solicitor, Sheardon, Doncaster; official assignee, Young, Sheffield—REBECCA ALLEN, Alfreton, Derby- shire, innkeeper, April 9, May 7 : solicitor, Ingle, Belper; official assignee, Young, Sheffield.

Divine:mg.—April 15, T. and J. Chew, Little Moorfields, livery-stable-keepers- April 19, Robinson, Maidstone, linen-draper—April 19, Hollamby, Hurstperpoint, grocer—April 19, Bacon, Brentwood, grocer—April 19, Pearman, Brixton, builder— April 21, Churton, Holies Street, bookseller—April 21, Manico, Mark Laue, mer- chant—April 22, Roberts, Aberystwith, draper—April 19, Bothwell and Highfield, Liverpool, merchants—April 15, Smith and Irvine, Liverpool, merchants—April 16, Foster, Sheffield, grocer—April 22, Adams and Warren, Shrewsbury, bankers—April 15, Chadwick, Rochdale, cotton-spinner. CERTIFICATES.—To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.—April 26, Costerton, Great Yarmouth, merchant—April 15, Milton, Eliza- beth Terrace, Liverpool Road, builder—April 18, Bolden, Bristol, glass-dealer- April 27, Pearce, Kenton, Devonshire, baker—April 15, Skelton, Halifax, stone- dealer.

DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDENDS.—Adams and Co. Fairfield Works, Bow. engineers ; second die. of ls. ld. on the separate estate of S. Adams, any Monday ; Canaan, Aldermanbury—Brewer, Bermondsey Wall, mast-maker; first div. of 2s. 6d. any Monday; Cannan, Aldermanbury—Yonge, Strand, watch-maker ; second div. of 2s. 2id. any Wednesday; Whitmore, Basinghall Street—Buchanan, Gerard Street, picture-dealer ; first div. of Did. any Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—Bur- ton, York Square, Commercial Road East, clerk ; seventh div. of Sid. any Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—W. J. and C. Yemen, Hare Street, Spitalfields, silk- dyers ; second div. of 6 1-5th of a penny any Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Cham- bers—J. B. and J. Montefiore, George Street, Mansionhouse, merchants; third div. of Is. 3d. any Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers—M. and J. Bricklade, Taun- ton, bankers; div. of Is. on the separate estate of H. Bricklade, any Tuesday ; Hirt- zel, Exeter—Cridland, Sidmouth, grocer ; div. of Is. 51d. any Tuesday; llirtzel, Exeter—Robinson, Shavington-cum-Gresty, Cheshire, cheese-factor ; second div. of 48d. April 4, or any subsequent Monday; Bird, Liverpool—G. and S. Pim, Liverpool, merchants; second div. of lid. April 4, or any subsequent Monday; Bird, Liverpool —Cuff, Manchester, hotel-keeper; second div. of bid. April 12, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Fraser, Manchester—Byrom and Co. Manchester, and elsewhere, coal-proprietors; first dividend of id. and on the separate estate of T. Byrom, a further dig. of 8d. and those creditors who have proved since the first div, was declared, a first div. of 3s. 9d. April 12, or any subsequent Tuesday; Lee, Man- chester—Steele, Spetland Bridge, Rochdale, brewer; first div. of 4s. 3d. April 12, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Lee, Manchester—Longson, Heaton Norris, Lancashire, joiner ; first die. of Is. na. April 12, or any subsequent Tuesday; Lee, Manchester —Gadsby junior, Cheetham, Manchester, joiner; second div. of 71d. April 5, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Pott, Manchester—Menon, Birmingham, paper-dealer; first div. of as. any Thursday; Whitmore, Birmingliam—Eardley, Tunstall, joiner ; first div. of 3s. 5d. any Thursday; Whitmore, Birmingham—Fitcheth, Birmingham, cast- ing-pot-maker; second div. of Is. 9d. Starch 31, or any subsequent alternate Thurs- day; Bittleston, Birmingham—Heath, Tunstall, iron-master ; first die. of 12s. 31d. on the separate estate, March 31, or any subsequent alternate Thursday ; Bittleston, Birmingham—Taverner, Nuneaton. silk-manufacturer; first div. of 5s. 21d. on every alternate Thursday ; Bittleston, Birmingham—Hemming, Feckenham, Worcester- shire, needle-manufacturer; second div. of id. March 31; Bittleston, Birmingham— .1. and W. Batson, Tividale, Staffordshire, iron-masters; second div. of 4Ld. any Thursday; Christie, Birmingham—James, Wallsall, iron-founder ; first die. of 48d. any Thursday-; Christie, Birmingham. Scorers Sent esTRATIONS.—Ruck jun. and Turner, Glasgow, merchants, March 30, April 20—Gordon jun. Inverness, draper, March 31, April 21.