26 MARCH 1853, Page 5


At a late meeting of the Edinburgh Town-Council, it was resolved, on the motion of Mr. Ritchie, to " remit " to the consideration of the Lord Provost's Committee, whether it would be advisable for the Council, "as representing the community, to cooperate with other public bodies throughout Scotland in securing the advantages which would accrue to native industry and art by means of a great industrial exhibition held at Edinburgh next year." It is stated that there is every prospect that the enterprise would be spiritedly carried out.

The celebrated Glen Tilt case has, "by consent of the defender," resulted in a finding that there is a public road through Glen Tilt, and iu the Duke of Athol being found liable in the whole expenses of the process. We believe that this termination of the case has been reached on an understanding that the pursuers will not resist an intended application by the Duke to the road trustees for leave to make a new road deviating from the present track in its lower part for two or three miles.—Seolsn:an.