26 MARCH 1853, Page 8


STOCK EXCHANGE, THURSDAY ArramgooN. Great excitement prevailed in the English Stock Market on Monday. The news from Paris respecting the Turkish question, and its sensible effect on the French Bourse, produced an alarm on our Exchange, not diminished by the lengthened sitting of the Cabinet Council on Saturday last. Consols opened at a decline of ?, having been as low as 991 for Money : they subse- quently rallied 1, influenced by purchases on the part of the public. They experienced a similar advance on Tuesday ; confidence having been in a great measure restored by the expectation of an early settlement of the Turkish dispute, together with the belief that the English fleet would not proceed to Constantinople. Yesterday, an improvement of / in the Paris Funds pro- duced no good effect on ours, which were dull at * decline; ascribed to news of the sailing of the French fleet from Toulon for Salamis. Today a recovery of nearly I Ras taken place ; Consols closing at 99a I for Money and 99/ for Account. Exchequer Bills have declined Is. this week ; being 8 13. At Vienna, the Money Market on Monday was unfavourably affected by the as- pect of Turkish affairs; the exchange on London rose to 10 58.

Foreign Securities were influenced on Monday by the state of the Consol Market. Russian was done at 116 ; Mexican, 2,51; Sardinian, 941 ; Spanish Three per Cents, 481; Deferred, 24. The fall has since been recovered, ex- cept in Sardinian, which has only rallied 1; being now 951 6/. Dutch Two- and-a-half per Cents are lower. Peruvian Scrip has been steady ; it closes today at 31 4 premium. Accounts from Berlin on Monday stated the new Four per Cent Prussian loan of 750,0001. had been issued at par : large subscribers were allowed 11 per cent commission; the Government had reserved nearly one-third of the amount. Australian Agricultural Shares have been dull, and with very little doing; they closed yesterday at 101 4, and are today the same. Peel River Land and Mineral, 61 t premium. The Railway Market experienced a general depression on Monday, in sympathy with other Securities. London and North-western were done as low as 1171 ; Great Western, 894 ; Midland, 73f. Better prices were after- wards obtained ; and up to last evening a gradual improving tendency was exhibited, but to a moderate extent. Today there has been no alteration. At the close of the market the difference in some of the principal Shares compared with Saturday last was to the following extent. Increase—Great Western, N. ; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 108.Caledonian, London and North-western, and Midland, Si'. Decrease—Edinburgh and Glasgow, and Scottish Midland, W.; Great Northern, North British, York, Newcastle, and Berwick, and York and North Midland, 108. • South Wales, 5s. French Shares on Monday partook of the general tone of other markets, and a depression occurred, which has been since recovered. There has not been much doing in them except today : they leave off from 58. to 158. higher in some cases. The improvement compared with last week has been—Paris and Lyons, los. ; Rouen and Havre, 10s.; Paris and Strasbourg, 7s. 6d, ; Southern of France, and Western of France, 5s. Those Shares of the same value as last week are Grand Junction of France, and Northern of France, Paris and Orleans, and Paris and Rouen. Tomorrow (Good Friday) will be a close holyday at the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England.


In the English Market Consols are *higher this morning ; they are now 94 for Money and 99i 100 for Account. The improvement in the French Funds, and the favourable construction of the news by telegraph concerning the Turkish question, have produced this advanCe. In Foreign Stocks there is no alteration : Turkish Scrip is firm at 2 1 premium. Railways are steady, and the following bargains have been recorded—Eastern Counties, 13; Nor- folk, 521; Leeds Northern, 16; London and North-western, 119; Luxem- bourg, 71.

8 per Cent Consols 991 Danish 3 per Cents 84 Ditto for Account 991 100 651 6 Dutch 21 per Cents 984 94 3 per Cent Reduced shut Ditto 4 per Cents 31 per Cents shut Mexican 3 per Cents 256 6 Long Annuities shut Peruvian Scrip 34 4 pm. Bank Stock shut Portuguese 4 per Cents . , 381 91 Exchequer Bills 8 13 Russian 5 per Cents 118 20 India Stock shut Ditto 41 per Cents 103 4 Brazilian S per Cents 102 4 Spanish 3 per Cents 49 t Belgian 41 per Cents 98 100 Ditto Deferred 25 Chilian 6 per Cents 106 8 Sardinian 5 per Cents 951 64

Danish 5 per Cents. 104 6 Austrian 5 per Cents 97 9