26 MARCH 1859, Page 10


On the 2d of March, at hiontepelier Hill, Dublin, Lady Alexander, of a son.

On the 13th, at Hendon, Middlesex, the Wife of Rear-Admiral Edward Stanley, of a daughter.

On the 16th, the Wife of Major Herbert Russell Manners, of a son.

On the 17th, at Portishead, near Bristol, the Wife of Lieut.-Col. Clntterbuek, of a daughter.

On the 18th, at 127, George Street, Edinburgh, Lady Gibson-Carmichael, of a son.

On the 19th, at Eastry Vicarage, Kent, the Wife of the Rev. Charles Carus-Wil- son, of a eon.

On the 19th, at Homburg, near Franckfort, the Baroness Greness von Frenden- stein, of a son.

On the 22d, at 16, Somerset Street, Portman Square, the Wife of Lieutenant- Colonel Macadam, of a son.


On the 15th of March, at Wytham-on-the-Hill, John William Cheney Ewalt, Esq., of Ketton Hall, Rutland, to Jane Anna Lucy, eldest daughter of Lieutenant- General Johnson, of *ytham Hall, in the county of Lincoln. On the 16th, at North Creake, Norfolk, Charles North, Captain Norfolk Artilltry, and barrister. at-law, only son of Frederick :North, Esq., of Bougham, Norfolk, M.P. for Hastings, to Augusta, eldest daughter of the Hon. and Rev. Thomas Keppel, and niece of the Earl of Albemarle. On the 17th, at Hallaton, Captain Robert Havard Price, H.M.'s Bengal Army, to Charlotte Mary Dent, second daughter of the late Sir Henry Bromley 'Enrich, of Court Garden, Marlow, Bucks, Lieutenant of the lion. Corps of Gentlemen-at Arms, and of Lady Hinrich, of Hallaton Hall, Leicestershire.

On the 17th, at St. Peter's, Islington, William Henry, youngest son of John Goodair, Esq., Preston, Lancashire, to Sarah, daughter of Samuel Phelps, Canon- bury Square. On the 17th, at Childwall, Samuel Fieldeo, Esq., of Centre Vale, Todmorden, Sarah Jane, daughter of the late Joseph Brooke Yates, Esq., of West Dingle, Liver- pool. On the 17th, at South Weald, Essex, Henry Fagel, son of John 'William May, Esq., Consul-General of the Netherlands, to Margaretta, daughter of James Deane, Esq., formerly of Pulliam, Norfolk.

On the 19th, by special license, at St. Mark's, Surbiton, Kingston-on-Thames, Thomas Fortescue, F:sq., of Suffolk Lawn, Cheltenham, to Louisa Margaret, second daughter of the late Major Francis Russell Eager, Thirty-first Regiment.


On the 31st of January, at the General Camp at Baurow11. Oude, Kennett Dixon, aged twenty-three, formerly of the Ninth Regt. Bengal Light Cavalry, late second in command of the Mooltanee Horse.

On the tali of March, Sig. Gesualdo Lanza, aged eighty. On the 18th, at Coombe, Sussex, Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Shiner, Bart., aged sixty-nine. On the 19th, at his residence in Ilighfield, Southampton, Colonel Eyre John Crabbe, K.13., late commanding the Seventy-fourth Highlanelers, and J.P. for the Southern Division of Hampshire, and for the Borough of Southampton, aged sixty- eight.

On the 19th, at Shrivenham, at the residence of his brother-in-law, Archdeacon Berens, the Earl of Devon, in his eighty-second year. On the 19th, at Twickenham, Arthur Lysaght, Admiral of the Red, aged seventy- six. On the 19th, at Lyndhurst, New Forest, Louisa Henrietta, wife of Vice-Admiral Dashwood. On the 19th, at% Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, in his eighty-third year, Henry Scott Alves. Esq., late of the Board of Control for the Affairs of India. On the 20th, at Highgate Rise, after a short illness, Michael Prendergast, Esq., Q.C., Recorder of Norwich, and Judge of the Sheriff's Court, London. On the 21st, at Norfolk House, the Lady Elizabeth Mary Fitzalan-Howard, in- fant daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Norfolk.

On the 21st, at Windermere, aged seventy-six, Charlotte Watson, last surviving daughter of Richard Watson, DD., late Bishop of Llandaff.

On the 23d, at No. 5, Hyde Park Gardens, William Alers Hankey, Esq., of Fen- church Street, in his eighty-eighth year.