26 MARCH 1859, Page 18

At Turin a pamphlet has appeared entitled " Count Cavour

and Italy."

The sale of Salvagnoli's pamphlet on the Independence of Italy was so rapid, that two editions were ex.hausted in two days, and a third is about to appear.

M. Hippolite Castillo, chief editor of the Courrier de Paris, has just pub- lished his .promised " Biography of Prince Napoleon " ; a work which in rather strong language vindicates the character of the much abused son of Jerome.

The most notable book which has come out in Paris this week is M. Ch. de la Varenne's " Les Autriefiiens et L'Italie, Histoire Anecdotique de r Oc- cupation Autrichienne depuis 1815." It is preceded by an introduction of M. Anatole de is Forge, as violent an anti-Hapsburg writer as the well- known author. As might be expected, therefore, the " Histoire Anee- dotique " consists chiefly of stories not very favourable to the Kaiser's way of governing.

Another interesting new book, and one certainly more important, is the a History-of Education in France," from the Fifth Century to the Present Time." The author of this valuable work, which contains a large mass of new information on the subjectOf education, is M. A. F. Thery, principal of the academy of Olermont Ferrand.

M. Alexandre Dumas is so fond of his new Circassian costume (described in our columns some weeks ago), that he is now wearing it in the salons and even the streets of Paris.

On the 1st of April, will be published at Alexandria, in Egypt, for the first time, a French newspaper, under the title, La Presse Bgyptienne. It is to be both political, literary, and commercial, and will be edited by Dr.' Provin, a well-known writer as well as medical practitioner.

Alexander von Humboldt addresses the following letter to the Vossische Zeitung of Berlin—" Burdened by an every-day growing correspondence, which in the mean amounts to frem1600 to 2000 numbers per annum,—(let- ters, books and pamphlets, on subjeets completely. uninteresting to me ; manuscripts about which I am asked to give my advice; projects of emigre-, Oen and colonization ; specimens of models, of machinery, and of objects of natural history ; questions about aerostats; demands for autographs; offers to nurse and to amuse me, he., &c.)—I try once more, by means of this pub- lie notice, to invite persons who really have any regard for me not to occupy themselves so much with my person, on this and on the other side of the Atlantic ; and, above all, not to make a poet office of my house. I feel but too much already the diminution of my mental and physical powers, and a little rest and leisure after my day's work is absolutely necessary to me. And may this appeal, to which I have been driven by direst necessity, not be unkindly taken.