26 MARCH 1859, Page 18


The transactions of the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science, for 1858, have been published in a thick and closely- printed octavo.

The Camden Society have issued a new volume, containing the Savile Correspondence, a series of letters (dating from 1661 to 1689) by the celebrated Marquis of Halifax and his brother Henry, English Envoy at Paris in the reign of Charles the Second.

Another curious addition to our literary antiquities consists in the dis- covery of eight folio volumes in MS., comprising the early history and correspondence of the Royal Society, partly in the handwriting of Mar- tin Folkes.

The genealogy of Milton has received unexpected elucidation by the discovery of facts concerning the early career of his father, which will probably lead to further interesting discoveries relative to Milton's boy- hood and youth. The letter of Mr. Hyde Clarke on this subject is con- tained in the Athena wn of the 19th March.

A new biography of De Foe is announced for appearance on the 30th March: its author, Mr. William Chadwick, promises new light on the subject, and, like Professor Masson, treats of the times as well as the Career of his hero.

Messrs. Macmillan and Co. advertise a new series of Sermons by Mr. F. D. Maurice, in which he discusses the general doctrine of a revela- tion. Works of this intellectual class bearing on the highest subjects have become numerous of late years.

An edition of Dr. Dasent's recently published "Tales from the Norse" Is already exhausted. This interesting volume will be republished in a few, days, with additions.

Mr. William Smith, author of " Thorndale, or the Conflict of Opin- ions," advertises a new and revised edition of his work ; one of the most suggestive that has been published of late years.

The announcements for April comprise a " Memoir of the Reverend E. Henderson, D.D., by his only child" ; to include an account of his labours in Denmark, Iceland, and Russia, in connexion with the British and Foreign Bible Society, and his tutorship at Heston and Highbury Colleges. New stories are expected from the pens of Mrs. Gore, Mr. H. Kingsley, and from the experience of a denizen of Belgravia ; the latter attractively headed " The Wife's Temptation."

The Countess de Montemerli, wife of the well-known Italian exile of that name, will also appear as the writer of an interesting series of fic- tions, the publication of which has been undertaken by Mr. Jeffs. " La Bali;" the first of the series, is the story of an Italian nurse, containing some graceful pictures of village life in Italy, and revealing a little Juanism without its actual vice. These stories are to appear in fort- nightly parts.

It is reported that Mr. Dickens and his friends offer the committee of the Literary Fund a sum of 17,0001., partly made up from the 5000/. lying idle, as the balance of the gains of the Guild of Literature and Art and partly from a boun of 12,0001., which a nameless benefactress (is it Miss Burdett Coutts ?)ty is prepared to advance if the views of the re- form party amongst the members of the Literary Fund are adopted.

The American announcements mention a new novel, entitled " The Convalescent," by Mr. N. P. Willis. A goodly list of reprints, and a few original works, grace the pages of the Atlantic Monthly this year, which contains the new ;tory by Mrs. H. B. Stowe. In the number for March will be Liana' an interesting account of " The Utah Expedition, its Causes and Consequences."

A magazine especially designed for the literary, social, and professional improvement of the coach-makers, strikes us as a curious instance of spe- eislity. It is entitled the Coachtnakcrd Monthly Magazine, and is edited, in New York, by Mr. E. M. Stratton.