26 MARCH 1859, Page 19

Joachim, the great Hanoverian violinist, is expected here in the

course of next month, and will make his first apperance for the season at the first Philharmonic Concert on the 2d of May. Joachim intends to give three concerts in May, for the performance of Beethoven's Quartets, especially those known as " Posthumous;" works which as yet are little understood, because their public performance (in this country at least) has scarcely ever been attempted.

Mrs. Wood—so long and justly celebrated as Miss Paton—though she has long since retired from public life, is still actively employed as a vocal in- structress at Leeds, where she has resided for many years. We observe that she gave a Concert last week at the Town Hall, when the whole of the Sonnambula was sung by her pupils, assisted by the Leeds Festival Choral Society. A curious scene is reported at Strasbourg last week. The composer Malibran gave a concert, brilliantly attended ; just as Madame Malibran was stepping on to the stage, M. Malibran was arrested under a Paris judg- ment for defamation. The audience tumultuously objected against their own disappointment ; and M. Malibran was suffered to go through the concert between two gendarmes. He never sang with more fire.