26 MARCH 1859, Page 8


Edinburgh opened its National Gallery on Monday. The Scotsman says—

"The Gallery was in a manner inaugurated by the attendance of a very large assemblage of ladies and gentlemen, to whom the Board of Manufac- tures had issued tickets of invitation. Members of public bodies, patrons of art and letters, and distinguished citizens and visitors, to the number of several hundreds, had been so honoured, and during the hours named on the card—between one and five afternoon—a constant succession of visitors- filled the rooms. About three o'clock there was quite a crowd of carriages round the gates, giving an unwontedly animated and gay appearance to the locality. Among the visitors but one opinion appeared to prevail of sur- prise and satisfaction at the great amount of artistic wealth we have been already enabled to display on the walls of our National Gallery, and of ad- miration of the skill and good taste with which the paintings have been ar- ranged under the skilful guidance of the Curator, Mr. W. B. Johnstone, R. S.A ."