26 MARCH 1864, Page 2

A case in which the sporting world is supposed to

take a great interest was disposed of at Cambridge before the Nisi Prius Court on the 22nd inst. Mr. W. Willes, writer in the Morning Post, -offended the Jockey Club by some comments, and they warned him off the Newmarket course. He disputed their right to warn him off a place so public, and the Club brought an action of tres- pass to try the right. The judge held that the right to warn per- sons off a racecourse adhered to its proprietors, and the jury con- sequently found a verdict for the plaintiffs, with nominal damages. It would have been rather a serious matter for the -turf had the decision gone the other way, as this is the only check possessed by the Club over persons of a very different character from Mr. Willes ; but the Club is a little inclined to claim the immunities of a private body and the authority of a public one.