26 MARCH 1887, Page 1

The Closure rule was then passed by 262 votes against

41, majority 2/1, and was made into a Standing Order of the House without a division. The Closure rule thus adopted provides that any Member may move the Closure, unless the Speaker or the Chairman of Ways and Means objects (if a casual Chair- man of Committees is in the chair, the Closure cannot be moved); and that if the motion is carried (which it must be without amendment or debate), any farther motion conse- quent upon it, and necessary to decide the issue before the House, may then be moved and voted upon, also without amend- ment or debate. If a clause be under debate, the proposal may define what portion of the clause shall be carried in this way, the assent of the Chair being always necessary. If the motion for the Closure be supported by more than 200 Members, a mere majority will carry it. But if it is supported by less than 200 Members, a minority of more than 40 can always defeat it. But if the minority fall below 40, even then the majority must be above 100 in order to carry it.