26 MARCH 1887, Page 1

The first Closure rale was passed at last, late on

the evening of yesterday week, after a fierce passage of arms between Mr. Dillon and the Irish Secretary on the subject of the riot at Youghal, and the arrest of Father Kelleher for contempt of Court. Mr. Dillon accused the Government of having de- liberately goaded on the people of Ireland to violence in order that they might get a pretext for the passing of a Coercion Bill, to which Mr. Balfour replied with a touch of scorn in his in- dignation which Mr. Dillon's fabricated charge well deserved. Long and dreary were the philippics delivered by the Parnellites against Mr. Balfour, after which Mr. Dillon's motion for ad- journment was rejected by 226 votes against 88.