26 MARCH 1887, Page 3

A coroner's inquest was held at Youghal on Tuesday to

inquire into the death of the fisherman O'Hanlon, bayonetted while leading a mob to resist the police in arresting Father Kelleher. The jury, which consisted of eighteen men, differed among themselves, but thirteen of them signed a verdict declaring that the policeman Ward and Inspector Somerville were guilty of wilful murder. The Coroner accordingly made out warrants committing them to gaol for triaL The policemen, who did nothing.bnt their duty, will not, of course, be allowed to suffer ; but the incident well illustrates the temper of Irish juries at the present moment. Had O'Hanlon killed Inspector Somerville, the jury would have brought in a verdict of justi- fiable homicide, and it would have taken an armed force to secure the body Christian burial, while all the victim's relatives would have been strictly boycotted.