26 MARCH 1892, Page 1

This is the age of humanity, and of outrages on

humanity on the gigantic scale. As our readers are aware, Baron Hirsch, the billionaire, is employing part of his vast wealth in an effort to found large colonies of Russian Jews within the Argentine Republic, his agent, Colonel Goldsmid, having already started to make preparations. This benevolent plan has got wind among those for whom it is intended, and they are precipitating themselves upon Central Europe, on their way to the ports, in such numbers that the German and Austrian Governments have taken the alarm. Too many stop en route from want of means, and the Baron has been asked to warn the objects of his bounty that time is required before any localities can be ready for their reception. This has been done, the Baron and his agents co-operating zealously with local authorities; but the impulse has become irresistible, and the two great Governments will, it is believed, be com- pelled to close their frontiers, and drive intending emigrants back. An order to this effect is expected every day, and so much of Russian Jewry is in motion, that the misery inflicted will be indescribable. A small nation of men, women, and children will be compelled to encamp just within the Russian frontier, amidst a hostile people, without means of subsistence for a week, and, to say nothing else, the babies must perish in shoals. It seems too bad to be true ; but we at least believe what we are writing, and hardly see how the two Governments are to blame. It is not they, but the Russian authorities, who will be the authors of what may attain the proportions of a massacre. Some wealthy London Jews are forwarding clothes by the shipload ; but that is only a detail of what these unhappy people will need.