26 MARCH 1892, Page 2

No very new fact has transpired concerning the Rainhill and

Melbourne murders, except that the house which Swanston,. alias Williams, alias Deeming, had taken in Perth had already had its floor cemented since he took it, which some suppose to have been done in order to provide a receptacle for gold obtained at the mines, and some in order to provide for the new wife who was coming to Perth to be married to the prisoner. There is also a statement that in the garden of the house occupied by the prisoner at Sydney there have been found traces of a woman's clothes, which may point to a further tragedy of the same kind as those at Rainhill and Melbourne. The Chief Justice of Western Australia has refused the writ of habeas corpus by which the prisoner's counsel hoped to save him from being handed over to the authorities in Victoria ; but the effort to prevent the extradition is still continued.