26 MARCH 1892, Page 3

We regret to record the death on March 4th, at

the age of eighty, of Professor Noah Porter, of Yale, one of the most dis- tinguished and thoughtful of the ethical students and teachers in the United States, who till within the last few years had been President of Yale College, as well as Clark Professor of Moral Philosophy. Professor Porter was well known and his books were widely read in this country, which he visited for the last time only a few years ago. His best-known philo- sophical work was "Human Intellect, with an Introduction upon the Psychology of the Soul," a thoughtful and scholarly book showing wide reading and subtle philosophical dis- crimination. But his studies were not confined to philosophy. He was also a great authority on English etymology, and edited several valuable editions of " Webster's Dictionary," as well as the "lutes-national Dictionary" of the same name. Yale rose in reputation under his presidency, for he was as much loved as he was respected by several academical generations.