26 MARCH 1910, Page 1

B will be seen from the wording of these Resolutions

that if they are adopted we shall have, as we have pointed out elsewhere, single-Chamber government except for the fact that the House of Lords, as long as the first of the three Resolutions remains in its present form, will be able to secure two years' delay. We do not say that this restriction is nothing, but how long will it remain ? We know from experi- ence the nature of the Parliamentary tiger. When once it has tasted blood in the matter of the suppression of discussion it grows fiercer, not milder. Twenty years ago the procedure rules of the House of Commons afforded a great many opportunities to those who wished to prevent hasty legisla- tion. We have changed all that. The scientific use of the Closure and the " guillotine " has got rid of the delay caused by discussion, and huge sections of Acts of Parliament are con- stantly voted and passed into law without any discussion whatever.