26 MARCH 1910, Page 1

Remember that, quite apart from these objections, the use of

the Speaker to decide, not merely House of Commons matters, but Constitutional disputes, must in the end degrade the Speakership. The party politicians will feel that they must take care to have a Speaker upon whom, as they will say, they can depend' in. the case of a quarrel with the Lords as to what is or what is not "tacking." Remember also that even if the difficulty about " tacking " could be got over, and we were to admit that the House of Commons could safely be' judge in its (aim cause, the absolute power of the House of Conimons over all finance could be used to accomplish the social revolntion. Without "tacking," indeed, and by means of an absolutely correct Money Bill, t would be possible to

nationalise the land, to establish national workshops, to die- endow the Church, and to do a whole series of revolutionary acts.