26 MARCH 1910, Page 1

The second and third Resolutions deal with ordinary legislation. We

quote them verbatim :—

"(2) That it is expedient that the powers of the House of Lords, as respects Bills other than Money Bills, be restricted by law, so that any such Bill which has passed the House of Commons in three successive Sessions and, having been sent up to the House of Lords at least one month before the end of the Session, has been rejected by that House in each of those Sessions, shall become law without the consent of the House of Lords, on the Royal assent being declared : Provided that at least two years shall have elapsed between the date of the first introduction of the Bill in the House of Commons and the date on which it passes the House of Commons for the third time. For the purpose of this Resolution a Bill shall be treated as rejected by the House of Lords if it has not been passed by the House of Lords either without amendment or with such amendments only. as may be agreed upon by both Houses.

(3) That it is expedient to limit the duration of Parliament to five years."