26 MARCH 1910, Page 14


[To Tax Burros or TEL "SrEcraroa.1 fail to see that any one of the extracts from "Unionist Free-Trader's" letter with which "Liberal Reader of the Spectator" has filled his communication of the 19th inst. is as revolting as Mr. Lloyd George's scholarly epithet "the first of a litter," which, moreover, has never been repudiated as far as I have seen by any Minister, so we can but infer that the suave language of the kennels and the pigsty has the silent, if not the full, approbation of the Cabinet. The display of righteous indignation is ever a pleasant spectacle, it is always so well meant. But in this case its impressiveness is lost, for it is evident that your correspondent is unable to read his Spectator with that amount of intelligence which is desirable, or he would not have accused you of having "a special motive,"—such an accusation being merely silly and childish, only to be expected from one who has lost all sense of proportion.—I am, Sir, &c.,


Stamford Lodge, Hailing Island.