26 MARCH 1910, Page 17


[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."1 SIB,—The lamented death of the late senior Member for the University of Oxford is widely deplored by those who value his life and example, and a desire has been expressed that a memorial to him should be raised. He founded fifty years ago, and strenuously aided to the day of his death, the Kent County Penitentiary, St. Mary's Home, Stone, Dartford, and it has been decided to raise a fund for its support, for which an additional £800 a year is required, and to place a memorial brass in the chapel.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who is patron of the Home, allows us to say that the project has his cordial support. A large representative Committee is being formed, and any who would be willing to serve on it are asked to send their names to the Ven. the Archdeacon of Maidstone, The Precincts, Canterbury. Donations should be sent to the treasurer, Thomas Tasker, Esq., Kentish Bank, Maidstone.—We are, Sir, &c., Csraracw, Lord-Lieutenant of Kent.

SALISBURY, Chairman, Canterbury House of Laymen. J. R. RUFFEN, Visitor of St. Mary's Home.