26 MARCH 1910, Page 26

The Official Year - Book or the Church of England, 1910. (S.P.C.K.

3s.)—It would be easy to fill a column with interesting facts from this volume, containing as it does copious information about the work, the revenue, the personnel, &c., of the Church of England. Here are the figures of the ordinations. In thirty-eight years (1872-1909) 25,815 deacons were ordained. The number must be slightly diminished, because an extra September ordination is included. Another deduction must be made for missionary ordinations. The maximum number was in 1896,-704; the mini- mum in 1901,-569 (the South African War may have had some- thing to do with this). In 1909 it was 649,a fall of 21 on the year preceding, but a rise of 62 on 1907.