26 MARCH 1927, Page 1

When the retreat of those on the outer defensive lines

began it rapidly became a sauvc qui pad ; they split into a myriad fragments and tumbled back upon Shanghai seeking shelter and loot. On three days they desperately attempted to enter the Settlement, and it is impossible to imagine more difficult circumstances than those in which the defenders of the barricades had to carry out their duty of defence without provocation. On Tuesday afternoon a particularly strenuous attempt was made by Shantung soldiers to force the barricades at a point which was defended by the Durham Light Infantry. It was • not till one of the barricades was rocking with the pressure that the Durham Light Infantry fired a volley. On Wednesday another attempt was made at the. same point when the Coldstream and American Marines had relieved the exhausted Durham Light Infantry. The defenders used the butts instead of the business ends of their rifles—a wonderful example of patience and discipline, equal to that shown at Hankow. The Marines suffered several casualties.

* * *