26 MARCH 1927, Page 14


Paeans and lyrics about the charms of England must hare been evoked from the least emotional this March. Spring leapt into sight, almost as it does in the far North or on the heights when the Alpine flowers shove the snow aside and chase it to oblivion. The migrant birds arrived before their time. The chiff-chaffs, for example, were in Hertfordshire as early ai March 10th and the wheatears four days later. The elms were in full flower, the quicks seem to grow green ina night. A5 for our own birds—lark, thrush, especially missel thrush, blackbird, chaffinch, wren, dunnock, lark and pigeon sang In chorus and with a vigour that belongs rather to April. 1, he most highly inspired birds were the rooks. I have never seen