26 MARCH 1927, Page 14


On the question whether the University athletes (who race on Saturday) or the rowing men (who race a week later) train the better, it is worth recalling one of the most charming maxims ever uttered on the subject of training. It came from the lips of an ex-President of the O.U.A.C. He was one of the best runners I ever knew, and was much less distressed by a grilling race or two than any athlete in the records. I have known him to row a hard course on the Isis, trot straight from the barge to the running ground, and there show a very clean pair of heels to all competitors: At an athletic Jubilee in London he was asked by the King how he trained ; and he replied, with a simplicity all his own : " I eat a great deal and take a lot of exercise." Perhaps the better part of the secret of training is there. But, in my view, " a lot of exercise" should read many sorts of exercise : walking, running, rowing. gymnastic exercises, massage. Only by variety can you become a Hercules without stiffness or staleness.