26 MARCH 1927, Page 17


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] Sue,---I- have now lectured from New York to San Francisco, since Christmas, in nearly every State in the Union—except in the south-west. Everywhere the splendid results of Prohibition are becoming more and more plain—this country will never go back on it:.

I was chief speaker for the National Education Association at their large conference of superintendents at Dallas (Texas) last week. Some 15,000 educators were there for the week. Al! the big men were there. It was a unanimous testimony that Prohibition was doing wonders for American youth. I saw a letter of Sir Philip Gibbs; written to McClure's, the pub- lishers, in the Denver Post when I was there. It was warning England of the menace to youth of Prohibition and drawing quite untrue conclusions. • The statement of Judge Lindsey, of Denver, about sex obsession of American youth is equally false—so the educators of the country tell me.

I have spoken in many Universities and schools through the \Vest—and always ask the opinion of thisse who should know. The youth of America (and, I believe, of England) arc more Christian and idealistic than ever they were. don't like their ways Of teaching, but their efforts to inspire are wonderful. If they can't • fill- the buckets with facts, at least they arc lighting lamps.—I am; Sir, &e., 53 Monmouth Street, Brookline; Mass. W. T. GHENFELL.