26 MARCH 1927, Page 17


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.]

Stn,—With reference to the enquiry of " S. Terrae Viator," I think it possible that the route taken approximated to that traversed by a portion of the Turkish force which attacked the Suez Canal in 1915. . That route was through, practically, the centre of Sinai, via Beersheba, El Auja (to which place the Turks had a light railway), El Kossaima, Bir-el.Ilassana, and thence to Suez. Although this route has little to recom- mend it to the ordinary traveller, there is a series of fairly reliable wells along its course. to within about forty miles of Suez. The theory is supported by the fact that Heliopolis, the Holy, Family's destination, lies due west of Suez, and a

traveller endeavouring to reach Egypt by. this southern and unfrequented route would probably enter the Delta in the neighbourhood of Heliopolis. An interesting description of ;the area is given in Mr. W. T. Massey's Desert Campaigns.— (late Egyptian Expeditionary Force). 111 Elgin Road, Seven Kings, Ilford, Essex..