26 MARCH 1927, Page 18


BICENTENARV or SIR Is. is Ni iVroir: To mark, in an enduring. form, the two-hundredth anni- versary of Sir Isaac Newton, who was born at Woolstliorpe, a few miles from the town of 'Grantham, we wish to rake a fund to provide University Scholarships in Mathematic' and Natural Science,.to be called the Isaac Newton Scholar- ships, for the benefit of the boys of the old- Grammar -School of Edward VI's -time, now known. as :the ..King's School, Grantham, at which Newton received his early. training, and Where his name, carved by- him, -on one of the stone window- sills in the- -old school- may be -seen to this day. Any of. your readers in sympathy with the scheme should send their donations to the Mayor, The Mayor's Parlour, Grantham.---: RICHARD BarrrAnc, Mayor of Grantham. CHARLES G. h. WELBY, Chhirman of the Governors, King's School. Gran-