26 MARCH 1927, Page 2

We have written in our first leading article about the

dispute between Italy and Yugoslavia in regard to Albania. Although both sides, after the first outburst, are in a comparatively gentle mood, much will depend upon Italy's interpretation of the rights which were given to her by the Treaty of Tirana. This Treaty, which was signed last November, is generally described as making Albania a Protectorate of Italy. But what does that imply ? Does it imply that Italy conceives herself as being justified in nominating the Albanian Government ? Ahmed Zogu has become more and more Italianophile and if, to please his Italian patrons, he were to take any action which happened to be contrary to the interests of Yugoslavia, it could not be expected that Yugoslavia would sit still and say that all was for the best. If last November a Treaty had been drawn up making Italy and Yugoslavia joint guarantors of Albanian integrity, Europe would have been saved the present ambiguity.

* * * *