26 MARCH 1927, Page 3

Mr. Haden Guest is still the victim of organized rowdyism

in his electoral campaign in North Southwark. Masses of the electors must be a prey to suspicion in a singularly morbid degree or they could not possibly belieVe the story that Mr. Haden Guest was paid to leave the Labour Party. Mr. Strauss, the Liberal candidate, recently put a very fair question to Mr. Ramsay MacDonald when he requested him to say whether lie accepted the support of the Communists in North Southwark. The Communists hold innumerable meetings in the streets, preaching class hatred and the confiscation of all property, yet urging their audiences to support the Labour candidate. In answer to Mr. Strauss's letter Mr. MacDonald evades the direct question by saying that his Party has never advocated confiscation or unconstitutional methods. Mr. MacDonald would do well in the interests of himself and-his Party to understand that the average man both likes and respects plain answers to plain questions.

* * * *