26 MARCH 1927, Page 3

The revised Prayer Book in its final form was published

on Wednesday, and it was at once seen that the Bishops had not made any changes of great importance. They have rejected the suggestion that the clergy should be allowed to reserve the consecrated elements without reference to the Bishop and they have likewise rejected the proposal that god-parents must be communicants. Simultaneously the Bishops issued ruleS determining the methods of reservation. The elements must be kept in a locked safe in the north wall of the church. In this way it will be made plain that they are simply being kept till they arc required for the sick and that they are in no- sense available for public display or adoration. The hope that the revised Book will be accepted without any split in the Church is becoming stronger. The fact that the revision pleases none of the extremists is, after all, a proof that it holds the balance fairly in the interests of a comprehensive Church in which variety will not be destructive of unity.