26 MARCH 1927, Page 35

Phis ca change, plus c'est la name chose is a

phrase that Hies naturally to mind on reading Mr. Walter B. Harris's "ore, Spain, and the Rif. (Arnold. 21s.) History in Mit-Western Africa has a knack of repeating itself at inter- I,. The Romans were hard pressed by the Berber chieftains, Zurtha and Masinissa ; " Gaylaimi, Prince of West Barbirry " [lose Arabic name was Sidi Named- Gailan)- made-things t for the English at Tangier in the seventeenth century ; lin the twentieth, first Raisuli and then Ahd el Krim dared: confront, and for a time successfully encountered, the Mies of France and of Spain. It is this latest uprising of Berbers (though indeed it may not be the last) that is eribed by Mr. Walter Harris, whose intimate and personal '"wiedge of the people and scenes he speaks of is known to • The Berber countryremains a -dariger-zone_ for all 3.°Pe ; we wish every voter in the -land could and would understand the problems connected with Tangier and HO country round about it. Mr. Harris's book is a great contri- bution to our knowledge of North-West Africa, and we Cannot praise it too highly.

* * *