26 MARCH 1927, Page 39

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A CHINESE DOG. By Florence Ayscough. Illustrated.

(Cape. 6s.)—It's a flr cry from Wei-hai-Wei to the Bay of Fundy, and therefore it is that Yo Fei, a dog of the famous Lo-sze breed, has like Odysseus a tale to tell of many men and cities. Yo is a catholic-minded dog, and, besides ordinary details of dog-life, can descant (though here surely his " Missuss " must have helped him) on Chinese poetry and theatres, on the sorrows of the iirrili that pulls the rickshaw (je'n li ch' man's strength carriage), of how " the dragon who controls the rain and clouds is supposed to raise his head after his winter sleep," and how the villagers greet his awakening with drums and gongs and cymbals. Indeed this most intelligent dog gossips delightfully about the little intimacies of Chinese life, and also pleads with Europeans for a more sympathetic understanding of his countrymen's character. The illustrations, full of colour and life, by Miss Lucille Douglass, are worthy of a wholly charming book.