26 MARCH 1927, Page 40

A Library List

MISCELLANEOUS :-The Housing of the Nation. By Lie Colonel F. E. Fremantle. (Philip Allan. 8s. 6d.)- London Child. By Evelyn Sharp.' (The 13odley H 7s. 6d.)-A Biographical Dictionary of Old Beg Music. By Jeffrey Pulver. (Kegan Paul. 25s.) Historic Ships. By R. S. Holland. (T. Fisher Un 12s. 6d.) The Quakers. By A. Neave Brays (Swarthmore Press. 5s.) The Comedy of Poland. Olivier D'Etchegoyen. (Allen and Unwin. 7s. 6d.) Italy's International Economic ' Position.. By C. McGuire. (Allen and Unwin. 12s.)-Gothic Arrhi lure in England and France. By G. H. West. N Edition. (G. Bell. 10s.) The 1/4th (Holland Battalion, York and Lancashire Regiment. 1914-1919.

Captain D. P. Grant. (The Arden Press. 7s. 6d.)

BIOGRAPHY :-South Sea Settlers. By J. R., and B. B. G (Arrowsmith. 15s.)-My Life and Times. By Nin (Blackwood. 20s.) Bill Nye. By F. W. Nye. Werner Laurie. 21s.)-Byzantine Portraits. By Oa Diehl. (Alfred A. Knopf. 21s.) Benjamin Profit By Phillips Russell. (Bens. 25s.)-Lister and Lister Ward. (Jackson, Wylie. 12s. 6d.)-Remit cenees of Lister. By Sir Hector Clare Cameron. (Jac Wylie. ls.)-Beethoven. By Harvey Grace. (Ee,, Paul. 7s. 6d.) Beethoven : The Man. By Andre

Hevesy. Translated by F. S. Flint. (Faber and Gwy

7s. 6d.) Beethoven : The Search for Reality. By W. Turner. (Henn. 18s.) Beethoven. By, H. A. Ilud (Sampson Low. 2s. 6d.) The Unconscious Beefha By Ernest Newmann. (Leonard Parsons. 10s. 6d.) Beethoven's Pianoforte Sonatas. By W. Behrend. Tra lated by Ingeborg Lund. (Dent. Os.) LITERARY :-Lyrics from the Old Song Books. Edited Edmonstoune Duncan. (Routicdge. 12s. 6d.)-An Tchekhov. By S. S. Koteliansky. (Routledge. 12s. The Shoemaker's Holiday. By Thomas Dekk (Robert Holden. 5s.) The Honorable History of Fri Bacon and Friar Bungay. By Robert Greene. (B? Holden. 5s.) Iridwn. By Count Zygmunt Krasin- Translated by Florence Noyes. (Oxford Univers Press. 7s. 6d.) SPORT :-Essentials of Golf. By Abe Mitchell. (Hodder a Stoughton. 7s. 6d.) Partridges : Yesterday To-day. Foreword by Eric Parker. (The Field P 3s. ed.) NOVELS .:-Elmer Gantry. By Sinclair Lewis. (Cape. 7s. Waste Corner. By Ruth Manning-Sanders. (Christophe 7s. od,)____The Sun in Splendour. By Thomas Burk (Constable. 7s. 6d.)--The Death. Watch. By M. C8 Meadows. (Robert Holden. 7s. -6d.)-The Man zr was Nobody. By Edgar Wallace. (Ward, Lock. 7s. 1