26 MARCH 1927, Page 40

HARTLEBURY CASTLE. By E. H. Pearce, Bishop of Worcester. (S.P.C.K.

12s. 6d. net.)-The Bishops of Wor- cester have held the manor of Hartlebury for over a thousand years, and the castle was fortified by an episcopal partisan of Simon de Montfort. It is fitting, then, that the present Bishop should have written this detailed and scholarly history of his home and of some of his more notable predecessors. Dr. Pearce has thrown much new light on the history of the see. notably with regard to Gifford under Edward I, Wake- field the persecutor of the Lollards, Prideaux the devoted Royalist who was expelled by the Parliament, Stillingfleet, and Hurd who secured his friend Warburton's famous library for the diocese.