26 MARCH 1927, Page 42


The Westminster Bank Directors may be congratulate upon having made a wise decision in appointing, as success to the late Mr. Walter Leaf, the Deputy Chairman, 3[ Robert Hugh Tennant, who now becomes Chairman of tt Bank. Mr. Tennant's record is a good one, for like h predecessor, he enjoys both banking and business experiene He was Deputy Chairman of the well-known firm of privy bankers, Crompton and Evans, in Derbyshire, and when th Bank was fused with Parr's in 1913, Mr. Tennant joined ti board of Parr's Bank, while in later years he has been Deputy Chairman of the Westminster Bank, with whit Parr's m turn was amalgamated. For many years, howes-e Mr. Tennant was also Managing Director of Stretton's Deft Brewery, and at the present time he is also Deputy Chairing of the Bank of British West Africa and a Director of ft British Italian Corporation. In 1924 Mr. Tennant had tt honour of being elected Chairman of the Committee of Londe Clearing Bankers. To fill Mr. Tennant's foimer position Joint Deputy Chairman with Sir Montagu Cornish Tuna the directors have now appointed the Hon. Rupert Becker so that as regards practical experience in banking and finan the Board of the Westminster Bank is exceptionally w served in its Chairman and Deputy Chairman..

A. W. li.