26 MARCH 1954, Page 14


SIR,—As my views on the Tate affair have recently been placed in the hands of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, I have to treat the subject as sub judice for the time being. I hope, however, that you will allow me to make two observations on your editorial para- graph published on March 19th.• It is hardly possible to arrive at any balanced assessment of the report without having access to the material available to the Trustees; my comments on the report, based on my knowledge as a Trustee of long stand- ing, were not sent to the Chancellor until after its publication.

Your luridly picturesque phrases about in- dividuals who have a vested interest in opposition are a gross, but of course unwitting, simplification.

The story that there is hardly more in the affair than a matter of personal animosity has been most assiduously hawked about by par- ties whose interest could also be described as vested.'—Yours faithfully,

GRAHAM SUTHERLAND The White House, Trottiscliffe, Kent