26 MARCH 1977, Page 18

Postal delays

Sir: No doubt Peter H. Young (26 FebruarY, had his own good reasons for having his rePIY, to my criticism of the Second Class Postal Service delivered to you by hand.

In' the full week of January about which I previously wrote I received fifty second class stamped letters. Forty-nine of them earn° three days after posting and the distances varied from eight to 300 miles. I repeat.that some if not all of this mail was deliberatelY delayed by the Post Office. The fact that theY reached me within the time agreed by st3r11,c, National Council on which! have no voice not to me a valid reason for this delay whicj; must be costing the Post Office a great dea'

of money and extra labour.

There must be many people like

who cannot afford to put a first class starriPt. on all their mail or in some cases any their mail. That the letters of the less wealthY are suffering this cynical and deliberate delay by a public service is disgraceful. I would assure Mr Jolly that if I booked a back room I would not expect an executive suite but I would grumble like the devil were I put in the cloaca.

Sydney Norgate Enderleigh, Brant Avenue, Illingworth, Halifax