26 MAY 1866, Page 1

An under-current of opposition to war is making itself visible

in many places. The Saxons, who will be dreadfully harassed, are hanging out Prussian flags in opposition to their Government, which is Austrian, and a " Parliament " at Frankfort, composed of 215 members of the German legislatures, protests against the war as "a war of Cabinets, devised for the selfish ends of dynasties," and against any attempt to yield up German terri- tory to the foreigner. The members demand that the war should be localized, the armies of the minor States kept in reserve to meet invasion, and a Germanic Parliament called to settle all differences, a demand to which Prussia accedes, provided the Parliament sits in Berlin. In France also it is said that the middle classes are exasperated at the idea of war, particularly

for Italy, and the Emperor is compelled to procure the insertion of articles in the papers showing how pacific he always has been. Precisely the same feeling was manifested in 1859.