26 MAY 1866, Page 1

Prince Charles of Hohenzollern arrived this week at Bucharest, and

has been installed as Hospodar and made the conventional speech about being "always a Rouman." He seems to be a man of some spirit and ambition, for as soon as he heard of the plebis- citum calling him to the throne he set the protest of the European Congress at defiance, crossed Austria in disguise, descended the Danube, and discovered himself only to the first Wallachian sentry. It is reported that Turkey intends to resist this election by force, and is massing heavy bodies of troops along the Danube, and on Wednesday it was announced that a " combined " force of Turks and Russians had entered the Principalities. This is now denied, and on Friday M. Reuter informed us that the King of Prussia had suggested a marriage between Prince Charles and a sister of the Due de Leuchtenberg, of course to conciliate St. Petersburg. It seems probable that as the Prince is in Bucharest, the powers, after a great deal of angry correspondence, will leave him there, fearing to allow either Turkey, or, Austria, or Russia, to expel him. If there is anything in the new Hospodar he may have a career, his throne being a far better point d'appui against the Sultanet than that of Greece. Three of these German adven- turers have now gained thrones, Christian of Denmark, .M.aximi- ban of Hapsburg, and Charles of Hohenzollern, and the last has the best chances of the three.