26 MAY 1866, Page 1

Stephens has arrived in New York, and' all is gas

and glad- ness. Ile has been appointed General Head Centre, the factions are reconciled, O'Mahony dismissed, and Roberts about to resign, the circles are remitting money, Stephens promises to fight British troops in Ireland "in solid front," and the beginning of the end is at hand. Stephens declares that his object is not Canada, but Ireland, and intends, we presume, to purchase et, fleet, equip fifty thousand men in green and gold, and carry them across the Atlantic to Galway.. Pending that grand demonstration, he is living very quietly it the Metropolitan Hotel, New York, and is at once president and treasurer of the Fenian Brotherhood, not very poorly remunerated posts. There is scarcely the stuff in Stephens of which revolutions are made.