26 MAY 1866, Page 2

A grand International Show of flowers was opened on Tuesday

on some ground near the Horticultural Gardens. Three and a half isms of land have been converted into a garden, with broad walks, gentle ascents, miniature lakes and rockeries, the whole covered in by a gigantic tent 562 feet long by 293 feet broad, and requiring 40,000 yards of canvass. The flowers belong to many climates, -alai pro lace with their immense banks of colour a kaleidoscopic effect highly pleasant to the great number of visitors. One tent of orehids alone was larger than most flower shows, being 560 feet long by 40 wide, a fact which seems to overwhelm the reporters ; but uo special result is reported from the gathering of these huge masses of flowers —not even a new plant, mere bigness being apparently considered in itself sufficient success.